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Jake Lever 'Do the Little Things' (UK Full Price)

£35.00 GBP

Wire, tissue paper and gold leaf, approximately 12 cm long x 3 cm wide.

This price covers all materials, UK post and packaging, and labour costs.

‘Be joyful, keep the faith, and do the little things.’  St David 589 AD

Through the pandemic, Jake turned to making tiny golden boats, sending them to people he cared about as a kind of silent, wordless communication, heart to heart. These small gestures - ‘little things’ - have started to form a web stretching far and wide, a visual expression of our universal human need for belonging and connection.  

Jake invites you to collaborate in the creation of a communal artwork called 'Do the Little Things'.  To participate, you send the boat that you purchase on to a person of your choice. Upon completion of your order, you will be asked if you (and the recipient of the boat) would like its journey to be charted (anonymously) as a line on an illuminated map of the world, to be created as an artwork by Jake in the future.

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